Nigerian Terrorists Strike Again.

“… Jangebe school attack will be the last in the country,”President Buhari.

A day after 317 students of Government GirlsSecondary School, Jangebe were abducted by the Fulani Bandits,President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria vowed that the terrorist attack would be the last in Nigeria.

But a week after the horrible attack that traumatized the girls and kept them in the terrorists’ captivity for about ten days, the same Bandits struck yet again in Sokoto State, in the same Northwest of the country. In that attack, they murdered ten people, injured many, and kidnaped others.

Since that time, there have been series of attacks in the Northeast, Northwest, North Central depending on the area of influence of a particular terrorists group.

On Saturday, March 6, Boko Haram attacked Rumirgo community in Borno State. They killed three people and seized a truck loaded with gasoline and returned to their base in Sambisa forest with it. Neither the truck nor its content was recovered. Both the truck and gasoline became their property.

The same day, Saturday, Bandits attacked Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria staff quarters in Kaduna, in the Northwest. They abducted nine people in spite of the military presence at the airport. The soldiers engaged them in gun duel but it didn’t stop them from achieving their aim. Their victims were taken away individually on motorbikes. The operation lasted for hours in spite of the stationed soldiers at the premises.

On Monday, the Bandits stormed Kainji National Park, killing one guard and leaving four others with serious injuries. This park is one of the few National Parks left in the country.  It’s situated in Niger State one of the worst terrorized states in the North Central.

On the same day, Monday, another group of Bandits invaded Jangaru community and abducted thirty people. Jangaru is also in Niger State and close to Zungeru where series of kidnappings have taken place recently including the abduction of travelers in the Niger State Transport Authority bus.

The incident was well organized. The Bandits came in large numbers and divided themselves into small units. Some on motorcycles while others walked. The attack lasted for many hours and there was no help from the security forces. It was a free for all affair for them. A soft spot target made possible by lack of commitment by the government and its security forces.

This incident that had 30 citizens kidnaped happened within days after President Buhari gave order to the military and police to shoot at sight anybody carrying AK-47 in the forests. He claimed that the terrorists had been asked to surrender their arms. Those who refused to obey the rule should be delt with mercilessly by the security personnel.

On Tuesday, March 9, the Bandits invaded kapana community in the same Niger State. They macheted one person to death and left eighteen others with various degrees of injuries. This group is more ruthless. Nigerian terrorists kill with machetes as a method of intimidation and punishment to the victims to force the living to learn their lesson. They only shoot out of “sympathy” so the victim will die quickly with less pains.

Yesterday March 10, the Bandits in huge numbers stormed Damaga community in Zamfara State, killed 13 people, and left with almost every animal in the agrarian community including chickens. This is another brutal group that operates with impunity. Many parts of northern Nigeria are experiencing food security challenges. A governor in the region even said it recently.

On the same day Wednesday, the Bandits struck at Osewu community in Nasarawa State, killing 17 people with machetes. This is another machete-wielding group of terrorists. The state of Nasarawa is in the Middle Belt of the country.

No soldier or police will carry out the presidential instruction to shoot AK-47-carrying terrorists at sight because they know that the president is involved in a dangerous propaganda. That is, he is not serious in eliminating the insurgents. Any security officer who carries out this hypocritical instruction blindly will pay a personal price for it. It had happened before.

Federal government wants to eliminate the insurgents but paid a whooping N100 billion to them for them to stop their nefarious activities. The payment was made about twenty-four months ago. Instead of reducing insurgence, it has increased it. The military has killed 2,403 terrorists in the North East of the country alone between March and December last year, in a short period of nine months. Yet it has not lowered their morale. Their population continues to increase including recruitment of foreigners into their fold.

The National Security Adviser (NSA) to the president, Gen, Babagana Monguno (Rtd), said that government would not negotiate with the terrorists. Yet, he wants to meet their chief negotiator, Sheikh Ahmed Gumi. Ahmed Gumi was the person who told the public not to call them terrorists or criminals.

The NSA failed to tell the country how the insurgents get their arms and ammunitions. Except for the Fulani herdsmen who roam the whole country with AK-47 suspended on their shoulders, other terrorists groups, including Boko Haram and ISWAP, live in the forests. They have occupied their forest enclaves for more than ten years. And there is no end in sight!

The Government Girls Secondary School Jangebe terrorists attack that took place on Friday, February 26, has not been the last terrorists incident in Nigeria as promised by President Muhammadu Buhari. The hidden negotiation and ransom paid to the terrorists have continued to fuel terrorism in Northern Nigeria instead of making it a thing of the past as boasted by the country’s president.

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