Catastrophic Genocide Looms in Nigeria.

Nigeria got its independence from Britain in 1960. Six years after, January 1966, there was military coup. A group of young military officers were dissatisfied with the politicians and their style of governance.

The politicians were really corrupt and refused to do the right thing. Some of them were killed by the coup plotters.  As a consequence of the disruption of the government and the murder of some of the politicians, there erupted three years of civil war from 1967 – 1970. The fratricidal hostility claimed the lives of two million citizens of mainly the Southeast of the country.

After the war, military remained in power. The federal military government led by Gen. Yakubu Gowon proclaimed a policy of “Reconciliation, Reconstruction, and Rehabilitation”. It was popularly known as the three Rs policy. This was a healing program. Through it, the federal government wanted to heal the wound of the three years’ war.

This policy if properly implemented would have healed the wounds of the war and put the country back on the lane of unity and peace. But it was made in good faith and was not efficiently managed. As a punishment, the people of the Southeast of the country were excluded from the national life of Nigeria.

This alienation was in every aspect of national life; politics, military, police, even organized private sector. There was a glass ceiling for every indigene of the region. They were not allowed to aspire to the presidency of the country or given important national appointments. In the military and police, they were not allowed to attend the top ranks. Officers from the region were quietly forced to retire prematurely. The situation was the same in government companies and organized private sector, none of them was allowed to reach the top managerial positions.

They were denied access to their bank accounts after the war. Federal government seized their accounts. The injustices against the people of the region continued unabated. A region of the country, North, of a particular ethnic group comprised of Hausa and Fulani, proclaimed it “born to rule”. With this notion, whether it was a military head of state or a civilian president, he must be one of them.

The incumbent, Muhammadu Buhari, was a military head of state from December 1983 – August 1985. He was toppled by another Northern army general of Hausa tribe and Muslim religion.

Since he left office, he has been active in politics and contested for the president a number of times. Because of his brief regime as a military head of state, the public did not know him enough. The person who overthrew his government had accused him of religious bigotry and ethnic bias. This was without public acclamation since they lived most of their lives in the military barracks shielded from public scrutiny.

In 2015, he contested for the presidency again.  He said during the campaign that if he lost the election, he would form a parallel government. Because he was relatively good as a military head of state although brutal, some thought he was the person to sanitize Nigeria and pull it out of the wood. Even Washington and London bought this idea and helped him to win the election.

President Goodluck Jonathan magnanimously conceded defeat and handed over to him. The country had insecurity challenges at this time which preceded Jonathan. This was the chief reason why the international community preferred him as the person who would restore security and peace in the country.

Before him, it was only Boko Haram. This Islamist terrorist group was limited to Borno State in the Northeast of Nigeria. Surprisingly, on accession to office, Boko Haram started to grow by leaps and bounds. They became more audacious and even warned the president when he visited Maiduguri the capital city of the Borno State after one of the devastating campaigns of the insurgent group in the area.

Abubakar Shekau, Boko Haram leader in the country warned him not to visit the area again or something bad would happen to him. The order was obeyed. To his chief of army staff, they threatened to castrate if he dared them. The instruction was equally followed by the country’s chief of army staff.

As Boko Haram was growing in strength and influence, Islamic State in Iraq and Syria joined them and formed Islamic State of West Africa Province, ISWAP. This was the time the ISIS’ base was weakened and made too hot for them by the allied forces in the region. As if the addition of ISIS wasn’t enough, Fulani Herdsmen and Fulani Bandits were formed.

While the latter live in the bush and make frequent incursions into the cities, towns, and villages, the former was tacitly allowed by the federal government to roam the whole space with AK-47 suspended on their necks. Both have the same goal but different approaches. Both kidnap for ransom. Bandits kidnap groups, schools, colleges, and villages. They demand huge sums of money, vehicles, and motorbikes as ransom for their hostages. The materials for ransom are used to sustain their campaigns.

The herdsmen group has national spread. Apart from kidnaping for ransom, they focus on killing the indigenous people and dispossessing them of their land. This group is more ruthless than Boko Haram and has killed more people in the recent time. They kill both men and women, young and old, rape women and set communities ablaze.

For some weeks now, big trucks have been busy bringing these Fulani young men from the North. They offload them in military barracks in many parts of the South of the country, claiming that they were there for training. The men are not soldiers nor recruits. Initially, the commanders of the barracks rejected them since they were not expecting any recruits nor are their barracks training depots for recruits. But later, they were ordered by the military headquarters in Abuja to allow them into the military facilities. According to the available intelligence, these young Fulani men are more than eight thousand in various military facilities in the South of Nigeria.

It’s reasonable to believe that the young Fulani men, the tribe of President Muhammadu Buhari, are being trained for jihad. The south of the country is the only part that was not Islamized during the 1804 jihad. The Southeast in particular is hundred percent Christian. Ahmadu Bello, the Sardauna of Sokoto and Premier of the Northern region, vowed in the 60s after the country’s independence to dip the Quran into the Atlantic Ocean.

Atlantic Ocean is in the South of Nigeria. So, to dip the Quran into it signifies total conversion of the country to Islam. Northern politicians, religious leaders, and leaders of thought have rated Muhammadu Buhari as the third most important and influential leader from the North after Usman dan Fodio and Ahmadu Bello respectively. The former was the person who first launched the jihad in 1804.

Unless the tribal and Christian religious leaders from the South cry out to the world and the world be ready to hear them; President Muhammadu Buhari is determined to commit genocide in Nigeria. United Nations, United States of America, and European Union should come to the aid of the southern Nigerians or the looming genocide will take place. Since he came to office, ethnic cleansing has been going on in Nigeria. The Islamic terrorists have negotiators. The negotiators are bold and not in hiding.

He appointed a known sympathizer and sponsor of terrorism in his cabinet. Public outcry against the misleading appointment did not stop him. The man is still a federal minister in his cabinet. His government promised to build a radio station for the Islamic insurgents to energize them and facilitate their activities and communication.

Community vigilantes are denied access to arms even pistols by the federal government. But the Islamists are allowed to be armed with sophisticated weapons and gadgets. Now that they are more motivated and armed than the military, they kill the soldiers mercilessly and the government doesn’t care. The military high command sabotages their colleagues sent to fight the Islamic terrorists and expose them to danger. Such incidents are never investigated and when they tried, the results were not available to the public.

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