Happy Pentecost Sunday.

Today, the Church celebrates the Solemnity of Pentecost. The day the Church was officially born.

Forty days after Resurrection is Ascension (Acts 1:3). On the fiftieth day, the Promise of the Father, the Advocate, the Counselor descended on the Apostles and empowered them for their onerous ministry.

On this day, the error of Babel (Gen 11: 6 – 9) was providentially corrected. Babel indicates division, Pentecost signifies unity in diversity. The Apostles spoke and people understood them in their various languages (Acts 2: 5 – 11). There were Jews, Asians, Romans, Africans including the Ethiopian eunuch, Libyans, Egyptians, etc. Egyptian demography of those days was different from the present one. Each of those who gathered heard the Apostles in his native language. There was no ambiguity, no blabbering, no guessing. 

Pentecost is an indication that it is not the will of God that the whole human race will be one color, one language, and the same accent. Varity is natural. As we have it in animals and plants, so, it will be among human beings. This is natural, it is the will of the Creator.

Happy Pentecost Sunday to All.

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