First Suicide Bombing in the South.

On Tuesday, May 25, 2021, Afikpo a quiet town in Ebonyi State in the South East of Nigeria was attacked by a suicide bomber. This was the first suicide bomb attack in the southern part of Nigeria.

Since Boko Haram lauched its first jihadist campaign in Nigeria in 2009, their attacks have been concentrated in the North. They have tried many times to penetrate the South especially the Southeast but failed at each attempt.

Fulani Herdsmen are the only terrorist group in the Southeast. They go about with AK-47 claiming to be pastoralists but kidnap, kill and main the indigenous people and rape women with reckless abandon. They were not involved in suicide bombing.

Not too long ago, Boko Haram members started to infiltrate the ranks of the Fulani herders and used them to enter the Southeast. Last year, United states government warned Nigerian government that Boko Haram was penetrating the south of the country. Since Nigerian government is not sincere in fighting Islamic insurgency in the country, they ignored the valued intelligence.

Ebonyi State is a border state between the Southeast and the Middle Belt which is part of the old Northern region. The state governor is unpatriotic, a weak leader, one of those stooges installed by President Buhari to carry out his biddings.

For some time now, Fulani terrorist herdsmen have occupied a large part of the state. they kill the indigenous people and occupy their farms. The people have cried out to the governor for help, he didn’t listen. He is afraid of the president. He is one of those who recently defected to the ruling party to avoid probe by EFCC and with shenanigan promise that the president would handover to him in 2023 when the president’s second term will be over.

The same fake promise had been made to more than four other governors apart from party leaders.

On that Tuesday May 25, a suicide bomber approached a primary school gate in the town of Afikpo. Since the security guard on duty was not expecting him and he could not answer simple questions on his mission to the school, the guard refused to open the gate for him. His bomb was timed and when he sensed that it was about to explode, he ran into the nearest bush and the killer instrument exploded, killing him instantly.

Official Reaction.

Immediately, the state government denied the incident. First, they described the suicide bomber as a police officer who mistakenly discharged his tear gas canister. Trying to bury the ugly incident forever so the public will not get the truth, they equally claimed that it was a police officer who accidentally detonated his grenade, killing himself. The state police command connived with the government to confuse the public on the identity of the bomber.

The suicide bomber neither had police uniform on him nor any police identity. Rather, he had complete and intimate physical features of a Northerner and a Fulani.

This falsehood was spread in order to please the president who is secretly supporting the Islamic jihadists in the country. It was not the first time such wicked and malicious reaction came from a governor. Some governors even warned the priests not to mention Fulani at all when burying any victim of Fulani terrorists’ attacks or they would be dealt with. This is genocide and religious persecution against non-Muslims in the country.

However, luck ran against them in this particular case. The public, people in the community, reached scene of the incident before government officials and police. Before police could get to the scene, removed the mangled body of the bomber, and concealed the facts, the video and pictures were already circulating on social media.

In their frustration, they tried to pull the video and pictures from the internet. Again, they were not lucky. It was too late. At the end, it was a partial success for the government and total victory for the public.

There is real fear that there are going to be more suicide bombings in the South since the governors of the region banned open grazing of cattle in that part of the country on 11th of this month. The patriotic decision has drawn harsh condemnation from President Buhari, Northern political and Muslim leaders.

Nigeria is in for greater trouble.  ISIS has finally displaced Boko Haram in the country. Recently, ISWAP killed Abubakar Shekau the leader of Boko Haram in Nigeria. The global leader of ISIS has finally fused the two terrorist groups together and is now fully in charge of terrorist groups and their campaigns in Nigeria. He has appointed a new commander for the groups in the country.

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