Nigeria Rudderless?

Over the weekend, President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria said publicly that he had lost control of the security situation in the country.

He made the statement when a group of religious leaders visited him in his office. It is a surprise that he only admitted his failure for effective management of the security challenge in Nigeria now.

Members of the opposition party, citizens of the country, and the international community have critized him many times for his insincere approach to contain the Islamic insurgency in the country. His top media aides have developed the habit of labelling anybody who critized his unpatriotic attitude to fight the Islamic terrorists in Nigeria as enemy of the country. These are his megaphones who are only interested in comfort and the amount of illegal wealth they make while serving his government. For them, the country can go to blazes. They don’t care.

Buhari’s admission in this domain could be a gimmick. It might be 419, a local jargon for crime and dishonesty. This could be a technique he wants to employ to deal ruthlessly with the innocent armless people from the Middle Belt to the Southeast to the Southwest who because of his incompetence are demanding for self-determination.

In a recent TV interview, he described the whole of Southeast as a dot within a circle that could be wiped out at any time. Meanwhile, this is an ethnic group of more than 50 million people. For him, they are a mere iota that he can delete any time he wants because they are demanding self-determination.

He is already treating them like criminals. He has sent military and police with the instruction to shoot them at sight. These federal armed forces have killed thousands of people especially in the Southeast. While the presidential forces are killing unarmed youth in the Southeast, they pamper the Islamic jihadists and escort the Fulani Herdsmen and Bandits during their murderous outings.

Just on Wednesday last week, a combined group of Boko Haram and Islamic State of West Africa Province, ISWAP, killed 3 soldiers in a gun duel in the Northeast of the country. The Islamic militants overpowered the soldiers at a military checkpoint; and thereafter, entered their barracks and razed it to ashes while the soldiers fled. The terrorists looted the armory and increased their already strong arsenal.

For some time now, when incident like this happens, the families of the dead soldiers are not notified and no compensation paid. Before now, they were informed but warned sternly not to tell any outsider or they would be dealt with by the government.

During this weekend, Fulani Bandits stormed a federal government secondary school in Kebbi State and abducted most of the students and staff. They entered the school after defeating the security forces, military and police, stationed around the school to protect it.

Last week Sunday, Fulani jihadist warned the governor of Delta State to rescind the decision of banning open grazing of cattle in the south of the country or they would destroy his state capital and his home town. The governor is the Secretary of the Southern Governors Forum that gathered in his state capital on May 11, 2021, and banned open grazing in the whole of Southern Nigeria.

The president did not say anything about this dangerous threat. Silence means tacit permission.

The Catholic bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Most Rev. Matthew Kukah, had said that if a non- Hausa/Fulani president had ruled the country the way Buhari is running it, his government would have been toppled by the military. Instead of appreciating his patriotic comments, he was vilified by the Northern Muslims. They called him all sorts of obnoxious names and threatened his life, too.

The governor is from the same town with a top military serving officer. They are Christians and from the region marked out for destruction by the president. This shows no respect for the perceived top military brass because of his tribe and religion.

Recently he said that the Fulani herdsmen who are killing the indigenous people are from Mauritania and Guinea. Before, he had said that they were Libyans trained by Muammar Gaddafi to destroy Nigeria. Perhaps he has forgotten it. He blamed Gaddafi because he is no longer alive and had told Northern political and Islamic leaders to divide Nigeria into two, North for Muslims and the South for Christians. They didn’t forgive him for the reasonable counseling. For them, it was an unforgivable impudence.

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